MSc Thesis – The Sustainability of Global “Eco” architecture



MSc Architecture & Environment



The Sustainability of Global “Eco” – architecture: towards a new paradigm


Date: 2007

Word count: 22.254

Supervisor: Dr. Elena Douvlou

Consultant: Pr. Geoffrey Broadbent



Architectural design has traditionally reflected the unique culture, local resources, climate and topography of different regions, as well as the aesthetic preferences of local inhabitants. Over the last century, these regional identities have been steadily disappeared, as technological innovations enabled the development of architecture with little regard for local variations. These new paradigms are the product of the combined processes of technological developments and corporate globalization that show little regard for their local context and, in the majority of cases, are extremely energy consuming. Concerns over the environmental crisis that becomes pressing nowadays have contributed to the emergence of a new global architectural trend of “eco-architecture” and sustainability based on alternative energy sources and often high-tech building management systems. The thesis project presents and discusses the results of a survey addressed to practitioners and students of architecture in an attempt to interrogate and identify perceptions of the emerging global trends in architectural design in relation to issues of sustainability, and the role of regional identity and architecture in a globalized world.

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